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World Freedom Tower with World Trade Center Memorial pools in the foreground.Benches in Snow. Yellowstone National ParkBuffalo Herd. Yellowstone National Park.Lone Buffalo. Yellowstone National ParkCarmel Beach SundownCarousel. Disney World, Florida.Cunningham Cabin. Grand Teton National Park.Albatross in Flight. Galapagos IslandsRed-Footed Boobie and Chick. Galapagos IslandsGlacier National ParkGlacier National ParkGrand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Yellowstone National ParkGrand Canyon Sunset. Grand Canyon National Park.Jefferson MemorialLower Falls. Yosemite National ParkMachu Picchu.Mirror Lake Reflection. Yosemite National Park.Moose in Jackson Lake.Stream. Muir Woods.Redwoods. Muir Woods.

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